Saturday, April 10, 2010

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(Sexy Sayoko from Happie Nuts)

Hello, lovelies!

Somehow I didn't make it out of bed until 2pm (14 hours of sleep?) this morning afternoon. It's a little gloomy outside, but here are some fun links for the weekend:

Hana @ Finding Tokyo posted a quick nail tutorial, using nail tape to give yourself quick, temporary, gal-tastic nails. I love this! I totally forgot about using nail tape, and haven't since I was a little girl playing with Lee-Press-Ons, but I think I might try this! I'd love to have gal nails for the weekend, because I can't really keep mine long all the time.

I'm also on Tumblr, and LOVE this Tumblr Mosiac view of Wakatsuki Chinatsu images. You have to check this out, it's made of the Wakatsuki Chinatsu Tumblr posts. The mosiac view is awesome! All the fun images of our Chinatsu for viewing!

I've really been on the fence about buying myself circle lenses, and just in time, Violet LeBeaux posts a lovely review & care guide. Talk about an amazing blog 6th sense! She tries out purple circle lenses, and they look so cute on her already adorable self!

ManWomanFilm on youtube posted up a ganguro make tutorial recently. I totally missed out on this movement in gal, but I wish I had been a part of it. It was so fun, and the very first introduction I ever got into Japanese fashion. What are some of your favorite gal fashions?

I love Disney, and I really enjoy Disneyland. Moments Like Diamonds posted pictures from her DisneySea adventure, and I waaaant to go there! Check out how detailed the magic lamp theater facade is!

♥ ♥ ♥

That's it for now, I'm off to catch a movie & a date with my love. We'll probably be late, though, because I must galify! I'm also working on some outfit posts, but we'll get to those soon!

Some of my favorite Chinatsu images after the jump!

I love red lips & dark hair. Maybe I should also go for blue eyes?

Such versatile style!

Gyaru squatting & disney kicks!

What interesting links do you have to share or blogs you follow?

Have a fun weekend everyone!

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  1. I met a famous YT singer yesterday. She was Korean. She was wearing circle lenses.

    It made me want them so bad. I feel like we should both try it once to get it out of our system or cement our fondness of them.

    Kthanksbye! See you friday! :]