Monday, April 12, 2010

We Love Chinatsu Wakatsuki

Being relatively new to gyaru style, I've been trying to figure out who my gal style icons might be. One of my favorite inspirations has been Chinatsu Wakatsuki, so I stretched my googling muscles and here we go:

Chinatsu Wakatsuki spam & some text after the jump:

Chinatsu changed her name from Chiharu Kurihara around 2001, after she was scouted in a Shibuya theater performance. She began making a presence in the Japanese entertainment scene as a gravure idol (Japanese various media model) in various variety shows, magazines, and websites. She also joined a race queen group in 2002. Her work as a model led her to being featured on television shows, and her following grew. She has also acted in two movies, most recently in 2006's Otoshimono (Ghost Train).

Today, Chinatsu is most popular for her blog & for her work with W♥C, a Japanese fashion blog on Shibuya109's 8th floor.

What I really love about Chinatsu's style is how playful it is. She really doesn't stick to a set color scheme, and really sets her own rules about style. Her brand, W♥C, is completely indicative of that. There are a lot of different colors that pop, as well her cute iconic bear. She pulls off all angles of style, from her pale pale lips to bright red ones. She also wears a variety of wigs that just go so well with her fun style.

An old picture from her modeling days. She still looks so fresh and so happy.

Most recent from her blog, did she cut off all her hair?

She did a featured booklet in May 2010's SCawaii magazine, and some of these are scans that I got from Thank you!


  1. Chinatsu's one of my favourites! I've loved her ever since her gravure days. She was always a gal through and through with her take-no-prisoners approach to style and life. ♥ Thanks for featuring this awesome woman!

    PS I've posted something new in my blog, hope you can visit! X3

  2. omg her style is so kawaiiii. EEK!!! her makeup is wow... I think she earned a new stalker *aka me* lolz. How are you doing lately?

  3. @ligaya thanks for the stopping by again, i know Chinatsu is so awesome in her fully expressive style!

    @kawaiiParadise i'm good! How are you? I'm glad I got to turn you onto to her, she's awesome.