Monday, April 5, 2010

Something serious, something cute

Over the past year, I've really learned what it means to be more discriminating with my love and myself. I'm a creature of happiness, love & more love, but that can really lead to being taken advantage of sometimes. I loved a little too easily, accepted a little too intimately and felt the backlash.

I think the lesson to learn is not to close my heart or harden myself, but to reserve my efforts for those that reciprocate them equally.

That being said, I'm pretty sure these cute things would love my back just as hard:

(nail inspiration from

Does anyone know about nail art on real nails? I'm not a fan of fake nails anymore (too poor & my nails are pretty healthy), but I'm afraid of risking nail-life with nail deco. Does anyone have any experience? I'm at a point where I can try and live up my nails for a little bit, so I'd like to!


  1. If you apply rhinestones/chains/etc, you can use either nailpolish (preferably the one deemed appropriate for rhinestones or other additions) or glue (the one used to glue press-ons is fine). When you want to remove them, just use nailpolish remover but be sure to *not* soak the nail bc that will cause your nails to become flimsy and not cute.

    You most def have to be super careful when you have deco'd nails, though, bc, since the back of your deco is conventionally flat and your nail is curved (unless you're chronically cyanotic) there may be a gap at the edges of the back that you attached the decoration by. Thus, they can easily be ripped off if you're not careful enough (usually this does not cause damage to your nail).

    However, some of the pics you posted feature nail-puff art, using a certain paint that puffs up similarly to the puffing paint used for crafts... which I have no experience with. D:

  2. Oh I love nail art, but I feel like it'd be too much of a hassle and inconvenience to have all that stuff piled onto my nails. I don't like fake nails either, so I'm not sure about applying that kind of stuff.

    xox Courtney Michele

  3. Adorable nail bits. Love all the bow motifs. Somehow bows make me think of Spring. <3 sometimes does nail art on her real nails. You might want to see if she has any tutorials backlogged.


  5. @Therese Jane: thanks for the tips. it does look like a lot of them include some form of puff paint, but where can i grab some of that and start with the DIY nail project?

    @Courtney Michele: nail art definitely makes life a little more difficult. I was talking to a sales staff at Wet Seal yesterday, and she told me how her gems kept falling off. You just need to bring nail glue & be mindful of falling nail art. it's definitely a little work, but Beauty/Style/Fashion is always better with a little work & effort.

    @Mitsu Thank you for the tip! I'll definitely check her out. I hope the bow trend keeps going for a while though, because I have a bunch of bows that need to be let out~

    @KawaaiParadise haha thanks!

  6. lolz, aw thanks. I love loose bun it create such sophisticated look. Want to be each other followers?^^

  7. OMG! These are soo cutee!! I love them! <3

  8. So many cute nail art pictures, I'm in overload :D The second ones with the cakes are fantastic! If you have any questions about nail art on real nails I'm doing a big long FAQ soon, you're welcome to email me anything you'd like me to include <3

  9. Cute nails! I love all the tiny hearts on the first one. Reminds me of a pink box of tiny chocolates for Valentine`s Day haha. :)

    You can definitely do nail art on your real nails. I am not very good at it (I can just do basic rhinestones, I don`t have the patience for much else) but I have done it at the salon before (as I like to give my nails a break).

    Also, I linked to this post on my Weekly Wrapup. Loved all the pictures of nails :)

    Hana @ Finding Tokyo

  10. @KawaiiParadise Added, thanks ^_^

    @Samantha me too, but how to choose!?

    @Violet thanks for the heads up, I'm looking forward to your FAQ. Your site has sooo much wonderful information and cuteness on it!

    @Hana Thank you! I'll check out your post. I've gotten as far as just rhinestones also, I haven't gained anymore dexterity in my hands yet! But, soon!

  11. OMG these nails are STUNNING. ♥♥♥ The baroque black ones are the most wonderful for me though!

    Hope you don't mind if I add you to my following list here in Blogger.