Saturday, April 3, 2010

Breathe, stretch.. Saturday! ♥ Blogroll

Good morning!! One thing I've come to really love & look forward to on lazy mornings is my big mug of tea (mug is actually that big!) & catching up on things in the blogosphere. Before the weekend starts, I just want to share some of the interesting blogs that I've been following:

Miss Mitsu at Universal-Doll as a great post on the Mori Girl trend and how it can translate into Mori Gyaru. I love her step-by-step breakdown of how to achieve the look, and really love her outfit post towards the end (such a stylish doll, that Mitsu ♥). Check her out, and if you really want some good reading, delve into her archives!

After being a longtime follower of her youtube channel, I've finally stumbled upon Catalina's blog. She recently reviewed Viva Glam Cyndi, and inspired me to go out and purchase it. I've been looking for a subtle everyday shade to wear, and it is actually pretty close to my HG everyday color (my coloring is much darker than hers).

I recently stumbled upon PinkSugarIchigo through my lovely friend *Val*. She's very cute & posted some really cute coordinates & eyemakeup. I'm looking forward to keeping up with her blog!

In that same breath, I also found the lovely Diamond Gals Circle. Such lovely ladies with amazing style! Love their style updates & how each of them has such a great take on gal.

My friend Sharon recently started a food blog, where she videos her cooking technique and tasting adventures. Her meatballs look tasty (>_<), and I'm looking forward to more of her posts.

Travelhighlights on Tumblr always fills my Tumblr dashboard with amazing photography. One of my more recent favorites is this shot from San Francisco's Dolores Park, making me miss life in SF even more.

That's it for now! A short ♥ Blogroll, before the weekend starts. The weather is supposed to be iffy this weekend, but hopefully we can all make the best of it!