Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Things I Learned in the Last 4 Years

(Not necessarily in college) (Belated post-grad post)

1. Business in the front, party in the back.
Not necessarily the mullet, but as a state of mind. Get your shit done, and then you are free to enjoy what free time you’ve been left. Work hard, play harder.

2. The human body can do a lot, but its biggest obstacle is the mind.

3. Those who matter, don’t mind; those who mind - they really don’t matter.

4. The biggest barrier to doing something, is actually getting yourself to do it.
No one else is really watching you, no one else is really freaking out as much as you are about anything. Really. If you suck at something, trying not to suck is the first step to not sucking. My biggest step towards learning this was in soccer class. I’ve honestly only played as many times as I’ve gone to class. After a really rough day, when I was bruised and pissed, I realized that even people who know how to play suck ass. So I stopped giving a fuck, and just started doing whatever I felt, instinctively, like doing. I still suck, but not so hard anymore.

5. It’s easy to quit something, if you’ve never actually started it.
There are a lot of things this can mean, but what I mostly mean to say is: It’s easy not to be an alcoholic if you don’t start drinking all the time. Or, inversely: It’s hard not to be an alcoholic if you drink all the time.

6. When looking back on any period in one’s life, no one remembers the studying.

7. Some people don’t want to evolve, and some, can’t.

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