Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm so sorry! Where have I been?

Reading books & enjoying the sun.

The blogging life is put on pause.

I am still an active reader of my favorite blogs, though!

Love you!

Brunch @ LimeSF with my family of friends

Monday, April 19, 2010

Purikura 04.16

The scans from Iris and my date out on April 16. These are actually our first purikura, but it was pretty fun and exhilarating. I love decorating things & really enjoyed myself doing so. Just more pics after the jump!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I thrifted this purse yesterday, it only cost $2.50 & it's almost new. It's a really roomy dark brown shoulder bag, and I love the two pockets in front. It was missing the zipper handle, so I replaced it with a cake keychain my friend Krystina gave me for my birthday. I actually like it a lot more this way.

Currently I'm on my way to Haight for a video game event, but I like this purse so much that I decided to post en route. Don't worry, HP is driving! I'm excited to see how this will work with my other coordinates (already used it yesterday).

No blogroll today, though! Enjoy your weekend my loves!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Pika Pika on Double Dragon Day♥♥♥

Hello! My sister and I had another one of our sister-dates today, which we have started to lovingly refer to as Double-Dragon days (inside joke, lol). I must get to a scanner and post these pics up properly, but I had so much fun today that I couldn't help but post up what pics were available. I stole some of these from Iris' facebook, sorry! Will get you back when I scan!

Pretty impromptu collage Iris made while we waited for some food. Likey likey.

Tried better eye make today, wee!

Preview of our silliness, ah so much fun!

Iris' outfit, we ended up being pretty monochromatic today. Not completely planned, but the shorts are the same!

My outfit! Face looks a little awkward, lol!

While we were in SF's Japantown, I managed to snag these:


I succumbed to purchasing May 2010's Happie Nuts & Jelly. I've been living off scans for a while, but I just couldn't resist this month. Nothing compares to actually touching the lovely glossy pages and seeing the images in person.

I can not wait to scan the pics! Wee!

Monday, April 12, 2010

We Love Chinatsu Wakatsuki

Being relatively new to gyaru style, I've been trying to figure out who my gal style icons might be. One of my favorite inspirations has been Chinatsu Wakatsuki, so I stretched my googling muscles and here we go:

Chinatsu Wakatsuki spam & some text after the jump:

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Weekend ♥ Blogroll

(Sexy Sayoko from Happie Nuts)

Hello, lovelies!

Somehow I didn't make it out of bed until 2pm (14 hours of sleep?) this morning afternoon. It's a little gloomy outside, but here are some fun links for the weekend:

Hana @ Finding Tokyo posted a quick nail tutorial, using nail tape to give yourself quick, temporary, gal-tastic nails. I love this! I totally forgot about using nail tape, and haven't since I was a little girl playing with Lee-Press-Ons, but I think I might try this! I'd love to have gal nails for the weekend, because I can't really keep mine long all the time.

I'm also on Tumblr, and LOVE this Tumblr Mosiac view of Wakatsuki Chinatsu images. You have to check this out, it's made of the Wakatsuki Chinatsu Tumblr posts. The mosiac view is awesome! All the fun images of our Chinatsu for viewing!

I've really been on the fence about buying myself circle lenses, and just in time, Violet LeBeaux posts a lovely review & care guide. Talk about an amazing blog 6th sense! She tries out purple circle lenses, and they look so cute on her already adorable self!

ManWomanFilm on youtube posted up a ganguro make tutorial recently. I totally missed out on this movement in gal, but I wish I had been a part of it. It was so fun, and the very first introduction I ever got into Japanese fashion. What are some of your favorite gal fashions?

I love Disney, and I really enjoy Disneyland. Moments Like Diamonds posted pictures from her DisneySea adventure, and I waaaant to go there! Check out how detailed the magic lamp theater facade is!

♥ ♥ ♥

That's it for now, I'm off to catch a movie & a date with my love. We'll probably be late, though, because I must galify! I'm also working on some outfit posts, but we'll get to those soon!

Some of my favorite Chinatsu images after the jump!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Something serious, something cute

Over the past year, I've really learned what it means to be more discriminating with my love and myself. I'm a creature of happiness, love & more love, but that can really lead to being taken advantage of sometimes. I loved a little too easily, accepted a little too intimately and felt the backlash.

I think the lesson to learn is not to close my heart or harden myself, but to reserve my efforts for those that reciprocate them equally.

That being said, I'm pretty sure these cute things would love my back just as hard:

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Breathe, stretch.. Saturday! ♥ Blogroll

Good morning!! One thing I've come to really love & look forward to on lazy mornings is my big mug of tea (mug is actually that big!) & catching up on things in the blogosphere. Before the weekend starts, I just want to share some of the interesting blogs that I've been following:

Miss Mitsu at Universal-Doll as a great post on the Mori Girl trend and how it can translate into Mori Gyaru. I love her step-by-step breakdown of how to achieve the look, and really love her outfit post towards the end (such a stylish doll, that Mitsu ♥). Check her out, and if you really want some good reading, delve into her archives!

After being a longtime follower of her youtube channel, I've finally stumbled upon Catalina's blog. She recently reviewed Viva Glam Cyndi, and inspired me to go out and purchase it. I've been looking for a subtle everyday shade to wear, and it is actually pretty close to my HG everyday color (my coloring is much darker than hers).

I recently stumbled upon PinkSugarIchigo through my lovely friend *Val*. She's very cute & posted some really cute coordinates & eyemakeup. I'm looking forward to keeping up with her blog!

In that same breath, I also found the lovely Diamond Gals Circle. Such lovely ladies with amazing style! Love their style updates & how each of them has such a great take on gal.

My friend Sharon recently started a food blog, where she videos her cooking technique and tasting adventures. Her meatballs look tasty (>_<), and I'm looking forward to more of her posts.

Travelhighlights on Tumblr always fills my Tumblr dashboard with amazing photography. One of my more recent favorites is this shot from San Francisco's Dolores Park, making me miss life in SF even more.

That's it for now! A short ♥ Blogroll, before the weekend starts. The weather is supposed to be iffy this weekend, but hopefully we can all make the best of it!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Something pretty

Spring is coming, and so let's welcome it with positive visual reinforcement:

(all my photos, thanks!)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bitching about feminism

There seems to be a misunderstanding about Feminism in a few places.

1. Being a feminist doesn't not mean you have to be a butch bitch. (Excuse me if you are&are.)

It does not mean you cannot wear skirts, cannot wear eyeliner, or cannot allow a gentleman to open a door for you. It does not mean that you can't allow yourself to feel emotional, feminine or girly. It is exactly the opposite of that.

Mika & me. Super femme, right? Dress, bling, lipstick and TWO purses? But, still, feminist!

Being a feminist means you can wear whatever you want because you have the right to choose for yourself. Feminists from the first & second wave liberated us from our bras & our skirts because that was all society let us wear. Being a feminist now (during the third wave FYI) means you can choose whatever you want. all societal norms have been questioned & now the way is paved for us to embrace exactly what our hearts desire.

Do NOT feel that a skirt makes you less of a feminist, or that a bra makes you more of a conformist. Instead, embrace how nice your legs look in those heels & skirt! Dance & feel pretty! Just because feminism is real & happening, does not mean we as women should avoid being the prettier, sexier and more desirable sex! (Also, I know a good number of gay men who could out pretty me any day, le sigh.)

If they choose to be feminine, let the men do as they please, also!
(JKJKJK! I made him wear this)

2. Feminism killed Chivalry.

No, I don't think so. I think growing up in a society with a different regard for etiquette & politeness killed chivalry. I found this great article that listed some chivalrous acts not always seen today:

Chivalry Rule #1: Should I hold the door for a woman?
Chivalry Rule #2: Should I pull out her chair? (I personally don't like this one. I can barely stay in the chair myself, let alone have us both guess how best to seat me in it)
Chivalry Rule #3: Should I walk her to her door?
Chivalry Rule #5: Should I pay for each date?
Chivalry Rule #6: Should I help her with heavy items or bringing in multiple items like groceries?
Chivalry Rule #7: Should I give her my jacket if she is cold even though I may be chilly too? (This may definitely be a man-only type of politeness, because I can't see many men fitting into my jackets)

A lot of these I do for other people (like 1, 3, 6). Why not help when you can: help your mom carry things, hold the door open for the elderly, give your seat away on the bus to someone who needs it more. The truth is, we simply don't live in a time when people are as conscious about how helpful they can be to another person. Feminism didn't do that. It may have shed light that men need not just do it for women (a woman can always help a man!), but it did not kill chivalry.

Want to see chivalry revived? Teach your children to open doors for you & help you carry things, teach your younger cousins to wait for their grandparents, and always wait for someone to enter their house before leaving them at the door (even if you're just staring from inside the car). When a man forgets to open a door for you, then open it for yourself! There is nothing wrong with that. And if a gentleman opens a door for you, thank his mother, who didn't raise no fool.

If you really want to know what feminism is up to these days, read BITCH magazine, the feminist response to pop culture:

Also, feminism makes it possible for all of us to camwhore as we please. If feminism never happened, do you think women would have been given webcams? Noooo!

Small because I'm shy (for now!)

March Jelly Spam

Here are some of my favorite looks from March 2010 Jelly. (These are not my scans, but I found them online.)
Just love her make here. The eyes & lips are so sexy!

The brown waist belt is definitely an IT item for Spring 2010.

Boho shrugs are definitely being gal-ified. & I love flats, which, if leopard print, can definitely be gal.

Just love this entire look & her expression.

These are the thoughts floating in my head right now. Ahh, Spring 2010 looks very promising, and big change from the monotone of last season!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I have recently begun eating over-medium eggs (constantly), what is your opinion of eggs prepared this way, and what is your favorite way to eat eggs?

Hmm.. I'm just a recent convert to eating eggs over-any way, but I think the yolk is the part I haven't come around to yet. I've tried over-medium, and it's tasty, but I prefer my eggs over-hard if they must be fried. My most favorite way to eat an egg is hard-boiled. I learned my favorite recipe from my friend Ches, and we call this the "Lesbian Hard-boil":

Place eggs submerged in water in a pot
Heat on high until they reach a rolling boil
Remove from heat & leave covered for 15 minutes

After that, remove eggs from hot water & enjoy! The yolk should be fluffy and delicious!

Let me know what you think of this method.

What made you start eating eggs over-medium so much? What are your other favorite ways to eat egg?

Ask me anything

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Beaux in Bows BBQ

Last Sunday, we had a really delicious BBQ in honor of Spring's beginning sunshine. Before all everyone started arriving, I realized how much I loved bows & headbands & my bowheadbands (fck yes).. So here are my highlights from that weekend:

Let me know what you think! I'm having a giggle & hope you are, too!

(Cross-posted on my tumblr)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kiddie Crushes, Where are you? (Pt. 1)

I was reading Lauren's post, Where in the World is Jonathan Taylor Thomas?, and it got me thinking. Where are my childhood crushes, and, most importantly, what do they look like now...

Devon Sawa (gotta say it sexy) in Casper

I followed Devon since his first movie, Little Giants, where he starred alongside Becky 'Icebox' O'Shea and stole my little fob kid heart. I would literally rewind the end of my Casper tape just to watch him over and over again. Best Devon Sawa (DS) movies: Now & Then (not enough DS) & Wild America. Omg, I don't think another movie had so much hot 90s tween action than Wild America did. If you love DS and guys that looked at him, you need to watch that movie. I'll probably have to write another post about it all by itself, it was so damn delicious.

Anyway, where is Devon Sawa now & what does he look like?

I don't know how I feel about what he looks like now. A little bit of me just died inside and I''m going to have to continue this post later...

(And H just came home with McDonald's.)

Results of last night's St. George

Last night, the house & I decided to enjoy some Absinthe. Enjoy is a word I use loosely. I'm not a big fan of black licorice flavors at all, and with one of the bottles proclaiming 68% ALC, it was definitely a different type of fun. The night ended with most of us falling asleep to That 70s Show (awesome).

This morning, I realized that while everyone else was starting to drift to sleep, I was drunk downloading (free) iPhone apps. I reached for my phone and found six new apps. Most of them were more photography apps, but one of them was bright pink. Clicking on it brought this up:













WTF is this? Ewww!

Apparently I downloaded "BabyBuilder Lite", an app that uses "complex facial mapping and recognition algorithms to generate the most realistic looking babies possible". Granted, I didn't use the best pictures of us possible, but this baby is WEIRD looking. Not human at all & has the scariest old lady mouth ever.

This image is going to weird me out for a long time. Be careful out there folks, download what you will drunk, just make sure you don't pay for it!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

One of the things I like to do is cook, but haven't lately because I've been living with amateur-awesome-chef Matt.

Tonight I gave him a break.

Hutch cut over 4lbs of steak for me last night (lady nails do not touch such things). We marinated it overnight in soy sauce, lemon juice, sugar, garlic and pepper. Do you know what that makes?

Bistek or (Filipino) Beef Steak or one of the tastiest meals ever. With french fries, because some people do that & I believe that you can never have enough fries.


I got to wear my big hat the other day because it's been getting sunny. Ta-da:

Sometimes, I really feel like coffee can be part of an outfit. I usually carry a tumbler with me when running errands for work (and winning at 4square).

Full, still clean-nailed & now in sweat pants,


P.S. In case you wanted to know what my lady nails look like right now:

(They're real! & Really long! I don't know how long they'll stay that way though. Photo by my dear HP)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I like many things!

My cat, Neko. She is actually my first non-fish pet, and I love her dearly. If you don't think you're a cat person, you need to own a cat. They're amazing & totally the lazygirl's pet.

Photography. I love art & all things beautiful, photography being at one of my top love positions. I took this photo in 2007, and it remains one of my favorites.

(Scan from a the last issue of Pinky (unsure))
Gal! Gal style, gal looks & gal lifestyle. I love Japanese gal fashion, and truly heartheartheart the gyaru movement. I believe in the gyaru outlook on life: everyday is a day to look and feel fabulous!

There are more things I enjoy, but a rerun of GLEE is on, and wins me!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Team Edward, Team Jacob, Team CGI

I know I might be a little late in this, but I finally got to watch Twilight: New Moon. It wasn't the most mentally stimulating of movies, but holy crap:

Not my scan, but found via Flicker

Holy spam, though! Look at those abs! I had no idea such hotness existed in the world. After seeing New Moon & discovering who the hell Jacob Black was in the first place, there was no way I could even believe a Team Edward existed. That is, until I realized the power of Team CGI:

WTF?!! I know he's wearing a suit & not shirtless, but I'm pretty damn sure he's missing about 30 lbs of muscle. I knew it was too good to be true, and yeah, yeah I understand he worked out religiously for the role (and, ehem, PS burn tool, ehem), but still! I feel flaboozled! I feel baboozled!

Why let me believe this Taylor Lautner is the hunk hunk hunk top shit when he's just a little kid? He's too young and little for me to have jumped on his team.

...SO Team CGI wins it for me in this round. Damn you!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Things I Learned in the Last 4 Years

(Not necessarily in college) (Belated post-grad post)

1. Business in the front, party in the back.
Not necessarily the mullet, but as a state of mind. Get your shit done, and then you are free to enjoy what free time you’ve been left. Work hard, play harder.

2. The human body can do a lot, but its biggest obstacle is the mind.

3. Those who matter, don’t mind; those who mind - they really don’t matter.

4. The biggest barrier to doing something, is actually getting yourself to do it.
No one else is really watching you, no one else is really freaking out as much as you are about anything. Really. If you suck at something, trying not to suck is the first step to not sucking. My biggest step towards learning this was in soccer class. I’ve honestly only played as many times as I’ve gone to class. After a really rough day, when I was bruised and pissed, I realized that even people who know how to play suck ass. So I stopped giving a fuck, and just started doing whatever I felt, instinctively, like doing. I still suck, but not so hard anymore.

5. It’s easy to quit something, if you’ve never actually started it.
There are a lot of things this can mean, but what I mostly mean to say is: It’s easy not to be an alcoholic if you don’t start drinking all the time. Or, inversely: It’s hard not to be an alcoholic if you drink all the time.

6. When looking back on any period in one’s life, no one remembers the studying.

7. Some people don’t want to evolve, and some, can’t.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

I love blog

I have a long history of blogging, and have never really divulged it, so here goes:

In 2001, I realized the capacity the internet had for connecting with people. Blogs were still explaining that “blog” came from the word “weblog”, and they were just beginning to get mainstream (not yet so much for commercial use, thank god). The internet was awesome, and people on it were still mostly interesting and intriguing. I opened my first blog at xanga. I’m keeping that blog forever, it has posts on it from when I was young and impressionable.. and 14!

I started using blogging as an outlet for my mind, for my sanity. Things were really tough on the homefront, and the only solace I found was through my journaling. I always kept one IRL, but found blogging (and typing) easier to do. I blogged less for others and more for myself. I was able to rant about things that bothered me, interesting experiences and weird, esoteric poetic prose pieces.

Eventually, I developed my html and photoshop skills, and moved myself from xanga to hosted sites. This is probably my fondest experience of blogging.

I met a lot of really genuine, friendly people who were willing to host others for free. I loved making layouts each month, creating different code and images. I LOVED BLOGGING. Eventually, everyone including myself grew up and couldn’t make the commitment to a full-on site, so I moved myself to livejournal and kept up my blogging. I met some people, and the one person who sticks out in my mind from my lj past life is Chris. We became good friends, moving from aim to texts to phone calls in one summer. We are still amazingly close friends, now keeping in touch from each end of the US (CA to NY).

Sometime after summer 2004 was when my bloglife started to die. I began finally rebelling my family life and started going out more regularly. I have to say that is mostly due to my boyfriend at the time, but I don’t regret it. I started fighting for independence„ freedom, and room to breathe. I still wish I kept up blogging, though. I miss being able to look back on that part of my life and seeing the changes that were happening.

I went to college, still living at home, in Fall 2005. By this time, blogging was a faint memory of something I used to do. I still kept a physical journal, but homelife was beginning to really get to me.

Since then I have not been able to really make a decent effort in keeping up my writing or my mind. I want to start up again, and I’m hoping to get back into the groove. I think it’ll be a lot easier because now we have smartphones and wireless internet and web2.0 and a million things that makes posting so much easier.

The main question is, will I still have things worth writing? Things worth sharing? I always question the validity of posts and what people are trying to say or share.

What I want to share is the feeling I live my life with, the sentiment and poetry I see in the things I experience.

We’ll see, though.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We could try again: On who I am, among other things

I was complaining for the last part of my life that I lost the emotion that drove most of my posting. Yet, now, all I feel is emotion. I want to have a notebook around for moments of mental clarity, but I never sit still long enough to enjoy them.

I recently found out my sister, Iris, has a blog. It definitely looks more well-kept than mine, and more active, but it's cool to know that I can now read her life from her point of view.

I don't really know why I've tried to keep a blog all these years (I mean YEARS, for those few who have been following me since 2002 --PattyPants, I'm pretty sure that just means you), or why I cannot let go of the need to have one. I have a couple, and I make a horrible mess of trying to keep it up to date. I live life too actively, and all my emotion that I want to transfer and share I live to the fullest. I live it so fully that the aftermath of the lingering experiences are all I can reflect on, and by then I'm too shy to share with the world.

I am not a funny cynic, for that you would have to go to Lauren's Tumblr. I am not nearly as talented a photographer or artist as Patrick Aguilar, who makes me proud with all his efforts and courage (it takes courage to show your art to the world!). Nor am I the best person the internets has ever flirted with. What I am is a girl who loves living her life, and feels emotion in all the things involved in it.

I can't really write for anyone to read, and I think that's what makes it so hard to blog. I want to write and express the deep feelings I have for friends, to elaborate on the new lesson life just dealt me. Yet, my fear is that these things might be too real, or that somehow, something will be hurt by them.

At this time in my life, I've come to discover myself as someone who just really loves living life with the people who I love. I am a happy person, I am someone who tries hard for everyone I know, because I want them to be happy. I am deeper than most can imagine, and have had conversations that have brought so much enlightenment and comfort. I have brought other people to my level, even if it is just for a brief moment. What I want to share is all the things I've learned, all the personalities I've observed, and all the beautiful things I've seen.

I am, also, 22. I party like that. I know it might be strange, but know that this blog, if it really happens, will be filled with just a mosh of things. I party, and I party hard - frequently. Nights of booze, yack and tears do happen, occassionally, so be prepared if you're reading this to read those posts, too. I return this blog's use to be my own personal. I want to be able to read my life over someday, and I want to be able to recall the emotion that drives me to excel (and party).

I feel like I begin all my real blogging with some sort of statement of my person. I hope to someday collect all those statements from blogs of years past, and see how I've grown as a lady.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hello. My name is Pauline Joy. I miss having a real blog, so here goes.. Weee!